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The guidelines from the beginning of our company was the continuous and systematic effort to give to the field the size and role of which it is made: to complete and adorn the outfit. A permanent goal is for the accessory to be: Beautiful, useful, qualitative, affordable. In this direction will continue its course in the future while maintaining the essential conditions for the use of accessories.


For many years our company has the largest range in Greece in children’s accessories and is one of the most organized companies in Europe. In Greece it has a top position in its kind and its products are only available in stores with children’s clothes, shoes and accessories. It also has a large collection of baptism accessories. GERAFINO company is also active in the field of Men clothes and has collections of items such as: Suspenders, Belts, Ties.


The activity of Gerafino also expands abroad and exports its products: in America, Europe, the Balkans and the Middle East. Most of the products are manufactured in Greece. A part of them is imported from Europe, with exclusive partnerships for the marketing of their products in the Greek market and a smaller part enters into its own designs and standards from Asian countries.

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